An update.

Hello to all, sorry for such a long absence, as lots of you know I was injured in an accident and have been away, busy with my recovery and getting back into the balance of things no pun intended. I have a wee bit of an update and would like to share.

My recovery is taking a long time, I do not do a lot of driving but when I do I’m particular of when and were and it usually is very rewarding for me ie: fishing! In between that, I am busy tying fly’s leather crafting when I am able to and selling Tupperware to get me back into a social setting. Over these last few years its been easy to become solitary and recluse. Tupperware is good in that I have to drive and make a social effort to communicate and keep some skill set in sales!

Latest Ventures

I’m currently working on getting this site updated with my newest ventures. Slowly you’ll see more of what I’m up to. You can still contact me regarding appointment’s and or questions for hair, and custom tied orders of flies at

Personalized Jewelery

My mission is to provide the best quality, and craftsmanship to custom made designs and information about my product to enrich your life. Personalized jewelery is my focus. My love of Leather has brought me back to; leather crafting, tooling and design. Which include a multitude of materials, Such as sterling silver, copper, semi-precious stones, and exotic feathers, in addition, with hardware such as rivets, spots and conchs, bring it all together and a unique design is created. My jewelry is not only beautifully strong, it’s an investment. It will last a lifetime and is most certainly a conversation eye-catching piece. The variety of men’s and women’s bracelets, necklaces and anklets and my ability to design personalized and handmade pieces of work make a wonderful custom gift to give and or receive.